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ShadowLand's Laser Adventures of Springfield (Click here to view Full Details)

Total Hit: 13945
Phone: 703-921-1004
5508 Franconia Rd. Alexandria VA 22310

Laser tag Party! ShadowLand's Laser Adventures of Springfield/Alexandria is a number one choice of families in Virginia for birthday parties!   ShadowLand's laser adventures are exciting "whole-group" activity where all the kids share in the same experience at the same time. ShadowLand's laser adventure experience is much more than just laser-tag, we have evolved beyond normal 'laser-tag'.   The arena is a multi-level landscape of carpeted ramps, walkways, alleyways, bridges and towers. An eerie, misty fog fills the air. Specialty music, colored lights and darting laser beams combine to create an environment unlike any other and a Laser-tag Birthday Party like no other!